Water Project Business Forum

Date and Venue. 

14 March 2022, 13:20-17:30 / Convention Hall, 1F, Meruorah Komodo)

* G2B Meetings. 14-16 March 2022 / FOYER & PRE FUNCTION, Meruorah Komodo)

  • Participants
  • Host. Asia Water Council, Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia
  • Participants.
  • (Governments) Central and Local Governments from Asian Countries
  • (Industry) Water Enterprises (Engineering, Consulting and Construction firms)
  • (Experts) Water Professionals from various Sectors (IOs, MDBs, academia, etc.)


As one of the Pillars of the 2nd Asia International Water Week, Water Project Business Forum (WPBF) is purposed to promote development of concrete water projects, serving as a business platform between multi-stakeholders including governments, water enterprises. WPBF platform is to share various water issues and project plans of Asian countries and to introduce the relevant project experiences of the industry. This event includes introduction of water issues and projects, and will further facilitated through G2B meetings.

Expected Outcomes

Upon successful organization of WPBF, the platform is expected to facilitate discussions between governments and enterprises in various aspects to identify and develop prospective projects through the AWC platform, which can be also linked with AWC Water Project, which targets to provide tangible solutions for water issues in Asia. 

Program Schedule