Stakeholders Consultation Meeting

  1. Opening Ceremony
    1. Opening Remarks: AWC President (Dr. Hak Soo Lee)
      1. The Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (SCM) is very timely and significant to well compose the three major programs (Asia Water Issue, Water Project Business Forum and Asia to World Statement)
      2. SCM will draw a promotional roadmap and determine specific roles for each participating organizations
      3. The outcomes of SCM will become great foundation to host a successful 2nd AIWW and will be a stepping stone for Asia to raise their voice at the 9th World Water Forum.
    1. Welcome Remarks: Minister of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia (Mr. Basuki H.)
      1. This meeting is an initial meeting for the 2nd AIWW 2020 in Bali
      2. Indonesia has a greater amount of water availability and need water management to manage water resources effectively.
      3. Government to control water resources, adopt the IWRM concept (which perfectly described to achieve the solution we need)
      4. A strong and reliable water resources is needed.
      5. Indonesia now is walking to be the host candidate of the World Water Forum in 2024.

2. 2nd AIWW Preparation Report

  1. Progress on Preparation of 2nd AIWW (Dr. Firdaus Ali – AWC Indonesia)
    1. 2nd Asia International Water Week 2020 will be held from 10-14th October 2020 in Bali, Indonesia. One of latest activities: AWC-Indonesia meeting, promotion of 2nd AIWW in 3rd World  Irrigation Forum, AWC attended 10th BoC meeting in Wuhan
    2. For the preparation of AIWW, the ministerial decree of Indonesian AIWW committee is on the process, have done survey on several possible venues in Bali
    3. Meetings or coordination between Indonesia and AWC Secretariat must be more intensive
    1. 2nd AIWW Preparation Status and Future Plan (Dr. Young Deok Cho – AWC Secretariat)
      1. Asia water challenges: Asia is the world’s most vulnerable region with respect to water-related problem
      2. After establishing AWC in 2016, the AWC has expanded our role, activity, and responsibility with international organizations and conferences
      3. The AWC is now the leading organization to deliver Asia water issues and agenda to the world and has been Water Project to solve Asian water problem
      4. Remind of AWC mission & vision: setting Asia’s water issues at the top of global agendas, promoting Asia’s sustainable development by solving water problems
      5. Three pillars of AIWW (Asia to world statement, water project business forum and Asia water issues): three pillars should be connected and linked with other international conferences such as 17th World Water Congress and 9th World Water Forum
      6. The outcomes of 2nd AIWW should be a main agenda at other international conferences. In doing so, all participants of SCM should discuss and prepare the agendas in order to achieve the final goals such as global agenda setting, solving water problem, achieve SDGs.