Introduction of Cooperation Project (Dr. Xavier Leflaive, OECD)

Panel Discussion (Dr. Somkiat Apipattanavis, Thailand)

Panel Discussion (Dr. Firdaus Ali, Indonesia)

Panel Discussion (Mr. Bounthavy Vilaisone, RAO PDR)

Panel Discussion (Dr. Yondeok Cho, AWC Secretariat)

Panel Discussion (Mr. Tomas Ortega, Philippines)

Panel Discussion (Mr. Seang Chan Bosak, Cambodia)

Q&A (Dr. Bindu N. Lohani)


  • AWC Secretariat: Dr. Yongdeog Cho, Dr. Suhyung Jang, Mr. Taehoon Kim, Mr. Soohyeong Yi, Mr. Joohwan Lee, Ms. Sherkhanova Yulduz
  • AWC Indonesia: Dr. Eka Nugraha Abdi, Dr. Eng. Idham Riyando Moe
  • AWC Special Committee: Dr. Marian Neal, Dr. Philippe Gourbesville, Dr. Shieyui Liong, Dr. Yanwei Wang, Dr. Vadim Sokolov, Dr. Callum Clench, Dr. Nidal Salim, Dr. Zhongjing Wang, Dr. Mukand S. Babel, Dr. Jinsuhk Suh, Dr. Younghyun Cho, Dr. Kwangsuop Lim


Main Agenda

  • 2nd AIWW Program Schedule / (Main) Theme & Sub-theme / Abstract & Publication
    1. Summary Results
      1. Overall Schedule of 2nd AIWW Program
        • Day 1: Asia to World Statement, Water Project Business Forum
        • Day 2 – 3: Asia Water Issue
        • Plenary Session: Before Starting Asia Water Issue Sessions (Invited Speakers)
      1. (Main) Theme and Sub-theme
  • (Main) theme topics should be simplified to understand
        • Theme 1: (Original) Water Security and Sustainable Growth; (Simplified) Water for Sustainable Growth
        • Theme 2: (Original) Building a Plan for IWRM / SWM Pilot Project and Capacity Building; (Simplified) SWM with IWRM
        • Theme 3 (Original) Water Management Policy and Technology Responding to Climate Change; (Simplified) Water and Climate Change
        • Theme 4 (Original) Interactions among the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems NEXUS; (Simplified) Water, Energy, Food NEXUS
        • Theme 5 (Original) Water Security Addressing Local, Regional and Global Challenges; (Simplified) Water for Ecosystem
        • Theme 6 (Original) Asia Dynamic Hub for Water – The Power of Knowledge and Information; (Simplified) Knowledge base and Dissemination