The Asia International Water Week (AIWW) is a triennial water gathering to share practical solutions to solve Asian water problems. It is organized by Asia Water Council (AWC) in collaboration with the host country. Regional water problems that were discussed throughout the three years of the preparatory process of the AIWW will be raised as primary issues of the Asian water community and will be disseminated to the global water community with action plans to solve them.

The tangible plans to implement solutions will be particularly highlighted by organizing the sessions on the pertinent topics. Designing the future plans for collected action plans will be the core part of the gathering in the AIWW. Stakeholders and preeminent experts gather at the AIWW to share their insights and experiences to support the activities of AWC and pave the way towards sustainable development in Asia. As the AIWW is held one year prior to the World Water Forum, major gathering for the preparatory process and the follow up action process will be held at the World Water Forum.

In the forum, there are three main processes that will be held as in the previous forum, they are Thematic Process, Regional Process, and Political Process. For the thematic process we propose to have six themes which are:

    1. Water for Sustainable Growth; 
    2. Smart Water Solutions for IWRM; 
    3. Water and Climate Change; 
    4. Water-Energy-Food Nexus; 
    5. Water and Ecosystems; 
    6. Knowledge, Dissemination and Innovation