Asia to World Statement

  • Date and Venue. 

14 March 2022, 09:00-10:30 / Conventional Hall, 1F, Meruorah Komodo

  • Participants.

President of Indonesia, Water Ministers from Asia, Representatives of International Organizations, AWC Members and Partners, Enterprises, Youth and the Public

  • Objectives

The 2nd Asia International Water Week – Opening Ceremony will extend hospitality of Indonesia with its unique cultural performance by welcoming the head of states, ministers, parliamentarians, international organizations, experts, civil societies and the public who are gathered to seek solutions for water issues in Asia.

The Asia to Water Statement is the commitment among the various water organizations from Asia which is based on the common perception of water as a critical and limited resources for human being, therefore, it is necessary to preserve through inter-governmental and mutual cooperation. The Asia to World Statement consists of the clauses that including key messages from each country and organization in order to enhance water welfare of the region.

  • Expected Outcomes
    1. Raise global awareness on water issues in Asia through political (Parliamentarian), policy (Ministerial), and academic (Water Experts) measures
    2. Sharing best practices and concrete action plans to implement the commitments
    3. Bring added values to the water sector through developing water projects and solutions
  • Program Schedule